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Super Hero Logo 20

Super Hero Logo 20
Super Hero Logo 20

Custom premium quality 2" Super Hero Logo 20 temporary tattoo.  You can order this design in sizes up to 8", and we offer discounts on multiple purchases.

INKEDON.ME tattoos are non-toxic  and last for an average of 1-3 days. We suggest placing them on oil-free areas that are hairless and clean.

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Captcha temporary tattoo instructions

  • Peel of the clear backing of the tattoo.
  • Position the tattoo face down on clean and dry skin.
  • Soak the Tattoo with a damped sponge or cloth until wet thoroughly. Apply light pressure to the tattoo.
  • It is ready to be peeled off, when it can be slid away without using much force.


  • The tattoo has a high adhesive effect. Depending on the design, size and where the tattoo is placed, the durability is about 2-4 days.
  • If you wish to remove your tattoo earlier, you can simply use sticky tape / scotch tape or use skin oils and rub it off.
  • If you like a more matte looking appearance, you can rub sun cream / sun screen carefully over your new tattoo.
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  • Model: SPHL20
1 - 10   $2.75
11 - 20   $2.50
21 - 50   $2.00
51 - 100   $1.75
101 - 250   $1.50
251 - 500   $1.25

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